Jeffrey D Freeman

 Ordained Minister

                      Ordained Minister 
My Beliefs
  I believe that anyone that has a Marriage License should be able to get Married. Many times the Church wills get in the way, for example Divorce, Outdoor Wedding, Children, Not a member of their or any Church, Failing Counseling, Fee to join the Church, Last minute Elopement, Faith, Etc. all of these things can make finding a Minister difficult. I don't believe it should be that way. I don't try to pass Judgment on You or Your choices in life, and I don't try to Convert you to a Religion that you may not want to be a part of.
  I'm a minister not a Preacher and Debating the Bible, Koran, Book of Mormon or other Religious book is not why your here. Your here to get Married, and Marriage is about two people feeling that they are right for each other. You are the only ones that can make that Decision, Not someone that Doesn't know you.
  Every family, if we like to admit it or not, is Dysfunctional. Its up to you and your mate as to whats acceptable to each other. If your in love, nothing should stand in your way. A Wedding is a Joyous event and celebration of your love and commitment to each other, you shouldn't have to worry about somebody else's expectations of what you need to be. I try to make it as painless as possible so you can get on with the rest of your lives and live as one.
  I can remember when I was young and my brother wanted to get Married to his second wife, We had a family friend that was a Preacher and he Refused to marry my Brother because he had been Married before. My Father pointed out to him that He Married his Daughter 7 times and had no problem with her morals. None of us thought it was anything but Hypocritical.
  I myself have been Divorced, My first Marriage was a Disaster and we were separated after 9 Mos. Then I met the woman of my Dreams. We wanted to get married and spend the rest of our lives together. It would have broke my heart ( And especially Hers ) if we couldn't get Married. And feeling like I was punished for the rest of my life for a failed marriage. It took much searching to find someone to Marry us. We have been together now for more than 20 Years. 
   I don't think it should be that Hard to get Married. If its a Civil, Traditional, Spiritual, Vow renewal, or Custom Ceremony I would like to help be a part of it. I have Solemnized many Marriages in the State of Ohio in Many counties over the past several years.  It makes me feel good bringing people together.
   The Church I'm part of looks at all Religions, and looks at the Similarities and Builds upon them, not the Differences to Drive the Religions apart. The Churches Motto is "We are all Children of the same Universe". I take this to mean that everyone should be treated the same no matter what your Faith. Gods word is to promote the Family unit, When a church prevents the marriage of a couple they are going against Gods word.