Jeffrey D Freeman

 Ordained Minister

                      Ordained Minister 
   I have Ceremonies and make Custom Ceremonies, supporting a full spectrum of Faiths or non Faiths. I have Civil, Traditional, Spiritual, Non-Religeous, Modern. With additional parts like
Bible verses and readings, Poems, Prayers Writing your own vows, and addditional parts like Child inclusion, Sand Blending, Candle lighting and Broom Jumping, I'm sure we can find something 
to make your day special. I have done Indoor/Outdoor, Formal/Casual, Large/Small, and even Prison Weddings.
I am Non-Denominational, I'm not here to Judge or Convert you, You want to get Married, and I want to help. I want to make it as painless as possible, I want you to be as happy as possible.You don't have to go thru counseling or jump thru hoops to prove your right for each other. Only you can decide that, not me. The only requirement I have is that you LOVE each other, The only requirement I need from the State is a Valid Marriage License.
                  Serving the Greater Dayton area, But I do travel upon request. 
 Lets talk about making your ceremony a Joyful expression of your love.
You shouldn't have to be a member of a Church to be able to get married, The Church leaves so many out, and I try to help those left out.
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